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Killing Mold

If you’ve ever had a mold infestation in your house, you know just how expensive it can be to hire someone to kill the mold.  That’s because killing mold is very difficult and it often can come back to regrow in the same location.  Leaving mold to fester in your house will only make the situation work and will put you and your family at risk.  Most molds can cause allergy type symptoms however there are also toxic species out there which can cause very serious illness and death if inhaled.

Mold loves to be in a dark and wet area.  When killing mold, the first step should be to eliminate the food source.  Water must be being supplied from somewhere within the house, or through a leak in the roof.  Water pipes are a likely culprit for supplying the necessary water for mold to grow.  Even if there isn’t a leak in the pipes, condensation on the outside of the pipes due to a temperature difference can be the source of the problem.  A condensation problem is probably the easiest water problem to fix and can be repaired by just adding some insulation to the outside of the pipe.

Now that you’ve eliminated the source of water, it’s time to kill the mold and clean it.  Bleach does do a good job of killing mold however it doesn’t remove the dead mold, which can be just as hazardous as live mold.  What you’ll want to use to remove the mold is good old soap and water with a brush.  Keep scrubbing at the wall to remove all of the mold.  You’ll want to wear a mask and keep the area well ventilated to help reduce your exposure to the mold.  Once the mold is removed dry the area very thoroughly and then repaint the wall as the wall is probably discolored from the mold and all of the scrubbing you did to remove the mold.